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At Colt Home Services, we have some of the best technicians and engineers in Massachusetts installing ductless heat pumps. Ductless systems are more efficient than conventional heating and cooling systems because they don’t lose heat in the ductwork. In the wintertime, as much as 25% of heat can be lost in ductwork. Ducted systems are also more difficult and as a result more expensive to install. Ductless systems are perfect for new additions to your home or to replace an old water radiator.

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How much electricity does a heat pump use?

Get a tune-up for your ductless heat pump

Ductless heating and cooling systems need regular maintenance and coil cleaning to make sure that they run efficiently and quietly. Regular maintenance will also catch problems before they become expensive. 

Ductless repair

Professional ductless heat pump repair

If you are getting regular maintenance on your ductless system you should rarely need repairs. If you have any issues with your system including leaks, noises, or low power call us as soon as you can.

Ductless Installation

Expert ductless heat pump installation

If a ductless heat pump ever has a problem operating it is most likely because of a bad installation job. Bad installations can cause damage to the system and result in additional costs. Call Colt today to schedule an expert install.

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